PowerLine Systems

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Fee Schedule

                                     GENERAL INFORMATION


please note:  


-  DK is NOT an expense... rather, David is another asset to be acquired by your operation that MAKES YOUR COMPANY MONEY...


- please DO NOT USE PAYPAL before talking with Captain Dave for approval... no approval will be made before a signed-written agreement is secured on our end



so if you think you're sending money for our incredible services... you would be mistakes... it is our job to make you MILLIONS


- our services are the MOST AFFORDABLE, for the Services Rendered... in the world - we charge "Professional fee's - for Professional Services"


- Each Consulting Agreement will require a signed contact... 


- no expenses will be made on our end, until a retainer fee has cleared the bank...


- no work starts until we are paid in-advance... we will have no accounts recievable...


- all these rules are firm...  if you do not accept them... then our company would not be for you  - all the best in your efforts    ;-)