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.. we help BOOST your Sales  via  MENTORING - CONSULTING - TRAINING

The Field Rep is the Life-Blood of the Industry and every Company.  No Operation can succeed without the success of the Representations working out in the field.  Distributors are not as appreciated as they could be, so on here, we honor their hard work ...  - they Sponsor new Recruits ...  -  they Retail all of the  Products/Services ...  - they teach others how to Duplicate ...  - they are simply AMAZING !  We Execs need to Reward the BEST for their earnest productivity with: free Cars - free Vactions - Cash Bonuses - and a Great Compensation Plan that enables them to earn more than they ever had in their life - we are very PROUD of our Business Builders!

Distributors always enjoy discovering  Powerful, New,  "Cash-Flow Producing"  SALES TOOLS  for them to Build Large Organizations ...

Dave loves HELPING PEOPLE more than anything else in the world !

Thus, DK offers all of our Field Reps the very best TOOLS in the Industry ... so if you would like to review:

- 100s of pages of Training Materials ...

- Free Books ... Tapes-CD's ... and Manuals ...

- DK's Award-Winning MLM Business Planner System ...

- Seminar Programs DK will teach, that YOU can HOST !

- useful FORUMs .... informative Blogs....  - as well as,

- Captain Dave's Personal Social Network MEMBERSHIP !

   ( be sure that YOU JOIN TODAY ... go there right now and "sign-up" to register on DK's free distributor information-sharing site .... this way you and your group can stay directly in-touch with Captain Dave .... do not be afraid to ask him TO SOLVE YOUR biggest CHALLENGES via your personal email questions ... add to his DIARY... comment on pictures, etc... etc...  very cool inter-active functionality )

 - go there and see DK's Business Building TOOLS... there is much, much, more ...

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