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RAIDING... the Good and the Bad Karma regarding - Mass-Recruiting Strategies ... Growth Thru MIGRATION...

  Raiders !

the Good and the Bad Karma regarding - Mass-Recruiting Strategies ... Growth Thru MIGRATION...

- By Captain Dave   Copyright PowerLine Systems [email protected]



Almost ALL NWMing Companies go through MINOR back-and-forth Distributor MIGRATIONS weekly.  It is interesting to hear one MLM Owner bragging about how “HIS Leaders” have convinced some competitors Business Builders to transfer over to join “their team” …  when this same owner was unaware that DK was just in the office of another Executive who was bragging about “his group” bringing in Builder’s from this other man’s Oppty !  - Everyone seems to be stealing assets from each other… is this acceptable way of doing business… or is this a moral outrage ?


Mass-Recruiting Strategies / Major Raiding Events also occur several times each decade that can swing MILLIONS of dollars from one company to another. DK could share with you, story-after-story about how certain companies where DESTROYED… while the field assets of the blown-up operation move over and GAVE BIRTH to several other operations.  The ebb and tide of the industry flows.


 DK will explain to you that most of these COMPANY Collapses (that were due to RAIDING), could have been PREVENTED !  - The moral: don't let this NEGATIVE CONDITION happen to YOUR FIRM.


At a recent leadership conference for NWM owners where I was speaking, (with legendary experts like:  Atty. Jeffery Babener, Dr. Jolley, Jeffery Combs, Mike Scheffield,  etc. )… to the amusement of the group, Dr. Laggos defined a NWM “Junkie” as a distributor who is pilfering, stealing or raiding your companies sales force… and he further described a Professional NWM distributor: as an ambitious, hard-working industry leader, an enterprising entrepreneur who’s bringing a large group of new recruits to your firm!


Sooooooo, depending upon whether you’re the “Raider” (the beneficiary)… or the “Raidee” (the loser)… this topic either scares the hell out of you, or brings dollar signs to your financial statements.  What exactly is “Raiding” anyway?


Webster defines raiding as: the act of aggressively entering someone else’s domain, territory or space… and then taking, seizing or stealing something that is not yours (goods, valuables, assets); it is also defined as a surprise attack, invasion or forced entry to relieve someone, something, some group, or some company of one or more of their assets;  a Raider… the person, group, company, army or force behind the effort to relinquish control, power or influence from another against their will or best interests;  a hostile legal, political or business move to drive the stock, worth or value of something up or down.  (this is the technical perspective…)


NWM is a business…  Business is War… and war isn’t pretty, or for the faint of heart. War has casualties and body counts… and depending on whether you’re the general who just won a battle, or you’re the general who just lost a battle… one of you is smiling…  -while the loser (if he’s lucky enough to still be alive), is hurting and licking his/her wounds and reflecting on his/her loss.  Raiding is always going to be a part of the NWMing Business World. “Innocent raiding” is one thing… but aggressive hardcore stealing of another company’s sales force is the bad side of this issue.


Distributor’s are a volunteer army…  reps’ decide daily/weekly/monthly whether they will remain their loyalty to your firm. You need to constantly earn and re-earn their trust. They are free to MIGRATE from one company to another… and most are nudged weekly to “look at” some other NWMing oppty. This is just the hard facts.  MLM Executives do NOT own the “field reps”, and most think they DO. Herein lies part of the problem. And way too many of the in-house/back-office side of the industry, takes their relationship with the field for granted. If complacency sets-in… trouble will ensue.


In network marketing language, the Dave Klaybor definition states raiding as the Business Strategy of “GROWTH THROUGH MIGRATION. It is the art, act and/or deliberate attempt to coerce, lure, or temp a NWM distributor - (a downline builder with as much of his/her sales organization as you can get), away from another independent Direct Sales/NWM company… and bringing all those distributors over into your business operation. This maneuver is designed to produce a shortcut to quickly add some meaningful sales volume under the “Raider”.


Raiding is a sponsoring tactic/strategy performed either: 


innocently by moral, responsible, well-intended distributor’s who “nudge” their competitor’s NWM contacts into looking at the business opportunity they represent. This type of Business Builder will tap someone on the shoulder and respectfully ask them if they are happy with the current mlm situation... and if they are content, happy and loyal to their program… this type of distributor will not push the issue any farther… and wish them well and move on.


Then there is the blatant / unashamed Business Builder  who might be caricatured as being a: hard-charging, fast-talking, garage-filling, money-hungry, cold, calculating type of business builder. They perceive themselves as being “recruiting monsters” who aggressively contact, almost attack anyone they can target as a potential income generator for themselves.


 DK has a lot of personal historical experience with BOTH types.


 Most of us fear the raider, dislike the tactic, tell others how bad it is… and yet everyone of us would jump for joy if we found out tomorrow that a huge organization had defected from a competitor and decided to work full time under you!


So is raiding a good thing or a bad thing…?


Well we can see that this is a complicated questions/answer… all depending on where we honestly fit into the equation?


 Most of us seem to be talking out of both sides of our mouths on this issue… and may in-fact be promoting a kind-of flip-flopping “double-standard”. Is there an appropriate set of standards we could all live by… and what are the solutions to this dilemma…?


The only way you can prevent your group from being RAIDED… is to have constant, pro-active, positive, open-minded, TWO-WAY communication that is being exchanged with your downline leaders. All of your rep’s… all the time. You absolutely need to have a positive relationship with the team members who are the life-blood of your business. Especially with the distributors who you do not naturally “resonate with”…  the rep’s who you aren’t especially interested in inviting to your home… the ones who are different than you. These are the reps’ who CAN surprise you one day by silently leaving your operation… and taking 10-40% of your business overnight ! These are the people you need to win over, not the ones whom you already get along with…  Most Executive’s would be VERY SHOCKED and SURPRISED that many of the very leaders who will RAID YOUR COMPANY one day in the future… are laughing at your jokes… smiling, nodding, and agreeing with you all the time…  and giving you the impression that EVERYHTING IS COOL in your relationship.


So it is HARD to identify who is loyal and who is getting prepaired to leave you…  BUT, if you email/call David, he will share with you the SECRETS that will CLEARLY identify one from the other…  it’s possible to know the answer to this critical issue…  IGNORING this challenge is very un-wise !


- Interesting facts - hey.


Every week you hear about some leader who is defecting from one company to another… (to one persons delight and another persons horror). Many distributors leave a company due to inter-personal relationship break downs. This simply means that some leader doesn’t get along with the owner of a company anymore, ego-to-ego… personality differences. You don’t like some part of the other.  And when some leading distributor gets a bad feeling about making money for someone they do not care for anymore… deep down inside their subconscious mind they are plotting ways to prevent this from happening. That is, unless they are solidly “locked in” by an income stream that they do not wish to risk losing. Un-happy Rep’s will always be quietly talking to competitors about “the possibilities” of moving from where they are to where the grass seems to be greener.


Note: 94% of all leaders who leave a company for another company, would have stayed, had there just been:

1-    More frequent POSITIVE communication… all leaders want to feel VALUED, cherished, appreciated… stroked !


2-    Most Leaders would have STAYED.. had there been better listening skills applied between all parties concerned. Most leaders who end-up leaving your downline and Raiding your operation to go somewhere else, never thought that the owner or their upline listened enough to their input-concerns-complaints. They did not feel like they were important enough… they did not feel like they could SPEAK FREELY ABOUT matters of importance to the people who controlled their lives. They leave your firm in order to get more attention, to be more important, to be somewhere where people seem to value them more… pay them more… listen to them more… treat them better. Thus, your job is to make sure they feel comfortable ALWAYS with you and your business opportunity.

3-    To prevent being RAIDED: a leader needs to always offer some concessions / compromises to make each side happier… There is nothing wrong with taking advice, listening to constructive criticism, having an open door policy etc… because if you don’t you could potentially lose 10-40% of your business overnight… this is a high price to pay for “being right”. Almost ALL NWMing Companies go thru Raiding Challenges several times each decade… and this is sad because DK know that most of these situations could have been PREVENTED !

4-    a stroking of each others ego via: recognition programs, bonuses, awards, trips, cars, expense accounts, college funds, stock awards, and other misc. GOLDEN HANDCUFF gifts that prevent a leader from leaving your downline for another competitors operation. BUT NEVER FORGET… it’s the EMOTIONAL inner-personal relationship your Field Leaders have with the Corp Staff that is most important. Dynamic Leadership by YOU and your insider Team is most critical to preventing Raiding.

5-    At least make an effort to seem genuinely “personally interested” in the leaders: future, financial well being, health, hobbies, family, career and popularity. They need to know that you are “looking after their best interests” and if they think you like them… why would they ever leave your SECURITY UMBRELLA for an unknown opportunity.



ANALOGY: Relationships between top field leader distributors and the NWMing company administration… is much like the relationships between couples. It’s complicated and takes WORK to HOLD TOGETHER. There are Relationship Counselor’s who do a Booming Business helping maintain and repair these relationships…  who can a rep or exec turn to when their relationships go sideways ?  (Captain Dave is your answer !)


Reflect on this:  Married folks can be challenged weekly to PROVE their loyalty and permanent BOND to the other in the relationship - right.  And this “honor-system”, seems to work pretty well overall… but we also know that challenges can arise and that mistakes will be made.


Thus, Married people wear a wedding band for two main reasons… A- most would answer that the ring is a public sign or symbol of each others love, loyalty and lasting commitment for the other… while, B- many others would also see it as a “symbol” for the public-at-large to stay away from making advances towards the ring wearer. The ring symbolizes the commitment between two partners who are working together as a team for life… or in other words, it says to the world (for better or worse), “I’m taken or spoken for”… and thus society looks down upon a man or woman who approaches and propositions a “ring-bearing” person of the opposite sex to LEAVE the other, right?!


Well it’s not the same in our industry, is it?


In fact, when you put your NWM companies ring on: as represented by a lapel pin, bumper sticker, business card, advertisement, or an ad in the newspaper… this is an outward sign telling the world that you are in the NWMing business and rep a home-based business. Instead of staying away from approaching these kinds of entrepreneur’s who have displayed their company name on something in their life, (like a wedding ring symbol indicates), many competing NWMing distributor’s are now “singled-out” and targeted by many competing distributors for raiding. We have all seen this happen or have done it ourselves.


As we stated above: 

- Some competing NWMing distributor’s are more responsible when they approach another NWMing distributor to share “their” new business opportunity…

- while other completing NWMing distributors are more aggressive and better-define the bad side of the RAIDING issue herein.


These are usually competing distributors who make their living by aggressively HUNTING and hinting to other NWMing folks that they’re in the wrong deal … and that THEY
REPRESENT the perfect new deal for you to join.


Raiders might say something like:

-         “I see that you are in the Networking Industry… perhaps I could get your opinion on a new product I found that’s amazing !”  or,

-         “I understand that your current mlm company offers some wonderful nutritional products… while you might also enjoy finding out more about MY COMPANIES state-of-the-art telecommunications services”.  The Raider is suggesting a potentially win/win way of doing business together. They also say: “keep working your old company, but give me some names of people and I will do all the work and build you another NWMing income on the side”. Sounds tempting doesn’t it. They further tell you that: “it is important to have multiple income streams, and, not be relying on one company’s business opportunity for your future retirement plans”… thus, they want you to join THEIR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY as well as there’s. (authors note: focus – focus - focus on ONE business opportunity at a time. Period. Once you have one deal going great, then expand your horizons if you feel compelled to… but verrrrrrrrry rarely has anyone ever made a LOT OF MONEY working more than ONE PLAN. There are a few minor exceptions to this rule, but overall, for 90% of you, you know I am right on this point… set a goal to become a NWMing professional and work one program.)


The more hard-core Raiders will always suggest for you to:

-         “STOP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING and DO WHAT I’m DOING”…  suggesting that your deal is weak and un-cool… while his/her is stronger and better… and you should transfer-over to their opportunity or seem foolish.

-         - others say things like: There’s NO RECRUITING… no phone call’s – no meetings and no more hard work to perform! … they also tell you how lucky you are to have “them” as your upline.

-         They focus on the COMPENSATION PLAN… money-side of the equation more than any other aspect of their deal…

-         They also focus on some Celebrity Endorsement… rarely on the evidence proving their product is brilliant.


Teach your distributors not to fall for the high-pressure hard-core distributors who suggest that their deal has the best greatest-ever “patented compensation plan” invented… that you have to act quickly to get in right now… how poor your company is… how incredible their world-class doctor’s formulas are… how great their auto-responding, web-based, lead-generating system is




In the past… which type of distributor were/are you…? Well, none of us are perfect in our actions, are we! We all have said some pretty interesting things in an effort to recruit some NWMing leader who we’ve uncovered that is going to make a fast-move to another operation.


Although an independent multi-level marketing distributor does not make the level of commitment married people do, there needs to be a very strong bond between the NWM operation and it’s distributor force. They are, in a sense, married to each other via their business partnership. In fact most distributors will automatically and vehemently defend the company they represent … they will defend their organization from intruders, criticism, or membership fallout. Just like a mother bear looking after her cubs, it is not wise to get between them. But even with this internal human emotional bond with our firm, there is also nothing worse than a woman scored… which means that once a distributor becomes upset with an NWMing operation, policy change or leader who made them angry/disgruntled… it can be very hard to prevent a person from leaving your Downline. And they usually “Raid the Downline” on the way out. It is easier to convince a leader to leave one company for another when they are UPSET – bothered - annoyed – irritated – aggravated WITH THEIR PRESENT SITUATION. Thus, it is your job to keep your leaders from becoming “frustrated” with you and your firm.


The sales organization is the life-blood of a network marketing operation….and is usually directly protected and defended  by it’s executive leaders… and indirectly by it’s field distributors. This is a natural human- nature to look-after the group of a whole. Most reps’ are willing believers (disciples of your company), who’ll give up a lot to live by specific company rules or the teams mission statements / belief systems.

Thus “Raiding” is not possible unless there’s a lack of leadership… untimely payments…  weak accountability…  some level of dissention, dissatisfaction… or a poor recognition program… or an uncovered major deception by the founders.


Just like a marriage, when a NWM distributorship is built on a two-way street of sound principals and practices, there will rarely be infidelity… but if the partnership/union is taken for granted and not constantly nurtured using every available sound business strategy, the possibility for  “Raiding” is almost certain.


Why do people practice the art of raiding? First of all, it ‘s human nature for average normal mortal human beings to procrastinate, stall, fib, bend rules, speed, over eat, sleep in, lust for something they can’t have, pass the buck, etc…. so why not do a little “raiding”… right?


Heck, of all the quirks, bad habits and downfalls we humans all have, this negative trait could be potentially very profitable, (did I hear someone just say - “Amen”).  It’s not like we’re holding up a 7-11 or selling drugs… all we’re doing is just shaking our neighbor’s fruit tree and letting a few the ripe apples fall where they may… and someone’s got to pick them up and make some tasty apple-pie, or they’ll just gonna get rotten… and even if they’re not “our apples”, certainly God him/herself wouldn’t invite his beautiful apples going to waist rotting on the ground… – right?


As a journalist, researcher and marketing analyst… we have to consider:  are there any positive aspects regarding “Raiding”… well, for one:


-         From a rep’s point of view:  it’s an easy way to leap forward and get promoted in the compensation plan, and this will help us prove to our spouse’s (including friends, family members, co-workers and others who lost money with us in past deals)… that we finally made the right decision, and this time we’re going to - not only get all of our money back, but we’re going to get all the money back we ever lost due to all of our stupid business decisions we’ve made the last 2 decades! Heck, just this one simple potential benefit seems to make raiding worthwhile – right ?


-         And raiding surely is much less time consuming than having to build an organization one brick at a time… “getting rich quick” seems a lot more appealing than the “get rich slow” method… - thus raiding must be a skill worthy of some more research…?


-         a person who knows how to raid, can advance quickly into the company/industry limelight. This must be the way the big-shots reach their goals, dreams and aspirations in the world… a Big Hitter couldn’t possibly be learning how to do build their business the normal way the company training manual said … ?


-         It is rumored that the raider can sometimes get “special deals” from some owners. And if we had all the extra money raider’s say they make, think of all the people we could help financially and how much money we could donate to charities.



-         A “Raider”’ looks like a cool hot-shot, big-hitter… and sees this Mass-Recruiting Strategy as their ticket to run with the big dogs. The raider’s reputation can become a bit notorious, (kinda romantic like: Billy the Kid… Bonnie and Clyde… ), and they see this as a way to gain industry status and even to become a bit feared by others – a notorious raider has the ability to intimidate other leaders... and the bigger the body-count, the better they think their resume’ is. This special kind of raiding power is worn like a “badge of honor” by some well-known raiders... we (you) all know who you are. (p.s. sorry - a few of you didn’t get my Christmas card this year, seven got returned to me  – address unknown – would you guys please contact me with your new email -  and “let’s do lunch”).

-         Heck, you could be the savior who comes to the aid of a bunch of distributors trapped in a dying company, and leads them , (like Moses to the promised land !)… Using this analogy, some raiders actually are the real hero’s of the industry… go figure.


So much for the positive spin items - now what about the downside of “Raiding”:


·        Well, for starters, the ultra-serious raider’s who are proud of the fact that they intentionally go out and take people from one operation and recruit them over to another, well… all of these bad-boy’s (and girls – but there are far fewer of them…), might wild up burning in hell for awhile. And what goes around comes around”. I have not witnessed many of these individuals making it big long term.   - 96% of all serious Raiders end up having poor reputations and being short term flashes in the pan most of their mlm career. They are never truly liked… just feared. They are always distrusted, even though those around them will never share this fact with them. They live a lonely black-sheep type of life. Not the most fun lifestyle even though the money seems good for awhile. For some reason, they seem to spend most of it and always need more cash to live. Many are not Stable financially long-term.


·        If that didn’t phase you, then maybe we should try to focus on the words: integrity, morality, sound business practices, principal, honor and virtue… do these themes attach themselves to raiding, or do they seem to mock the practice or art of raiding? Raiders rarely have a conscience.


·        Historically, when we research the lives and outcomes of many of the most notorious raider-Conqueror’s of the past two thousand years like: Attila the Hun, the Roman’s, Kublai Khan, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, etc… they all seemed to have a pretty good run for awhile, but in 94% of the cases studied, the raider ultimately always seems to go down in flames… so, if you admire these men, then you’re not interested in anything I have to say… and I can hear the Carly Simon song: “So I bet you think this song is about you, don’t you … don’t you” – playing in the background.


NWM is a business. Business is War… and war isn’t pretty or for the faint of heart. War has casualties and body counts… and depending on whether you’re the general who just won a battle, or you’re the general who just lost a battle… one of you is smiling -while the other (if he’s lucky enough to still be alive), is hurting and licking his/her wounds. And due to the nature of your addiction to seek: more money and more power, seek bigger and bigger thrills, etc… you guys/girls have always got to be competing, winning, intimidating, conquering, or sometimes “Raiding” somebody… or your not having a good month.


 And for those of you who really enjoy “raiding”, and have even been rather successful at it… always remember that the art of raiding is a lot like the art of gambling. You may win from time-to-time, but the universe seems to have a built-in “justice system” that balances things/situations (like this one) out… and poetic justice often times finds the winner of yesterday and today, the big loser of tomorrow.


Thus the metaphor: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”… has special meaning here, because: “what goes around… always seems to come around”. And regarding this topic, what boomerang’s back to you is oftentimes the fact that the raider becomes the raided. Think about it. If I’m in your downline and you help and teach me how to raid distributors from another company… this is fine as long as we stay: associates /buddies /partners /buddies /cronies working the same business opportunity. But what prevents me from coming back and stealing much of your sales force one day in the future when we’re not working the same program and we’re potential competitor - or even worse – enemies!


To raid or not to raid… that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune/misfortune… yada yada. Should you stand and defend the moral strategies of building your program the (more politically correct) right way… or design a business building strategy dominated by aggressive take-over policies? One is certainly faster and seemingly more profitable in the short run than the more moral way. What would God say about this…? Will “raiders” be turned away for all eternity at the Pearly-Gates on Judgment Day… or will they just spend a few years in the penalty-box of  purgatory? ….


It just so happens that I have a few friends in heaven… and they haven’t seen any signs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Darth Vader or Benito Mussolini yet.


 – your new MENTOR and surrogate sponsor - Dave


- ( if you liked this article, email us for more )

Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP...  – his goal is to help Executives/Owners to: Prevent Raiding within the ranks of their firm… Increase their Auto-Ship Monthly Rep-Activity… Decrease Rep Fall-out…  Increase Recruiting and Retailing… to BUILD SALES… and tons of other strategies to Grow an mlm operation to $5M - $15M/month in minimum Revenues


David also helps distributor’s to: retire in 3-5 years, earn a free car, go on free vacation’s, win bonuses, and earn $100k+/yr. F/t – He is Pres. of PowerLine Systems, a 23 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have been voted at the Top Generic MLM Trainer in 03 on a popular website, his name on the cover of 7 books, he’s been on the cover of many publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist.


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